*making an ecological landscape of 'ajayeb cosmology, that means making visible the connection between beings and contact zones among animate and inanimate and nonhuman:
diamond <——> snake
fire <——> speach
fire <——> animals
wind <——> sound
cow <——> angel
water <——> light
darvishi <——> div
earth <——> Bahman
mars <——> wolf, pig
moon <——> effect of Gabriel’s wings
earth <——> woman/enmity/illusio
mountain <——> ganj
jinn <——> climate
div <——> stone
climate <——> ghiamat

(ajayebe kuh)
om-ol-jebal, ghaf: mother of mountains, all mountains link to her, earth
ecologically significant ——> holders of water and Ganj, nailed the earth, they are your cradles

(ajayebe gur)
graves —— material and ecological deaths, earth related passings
main actor: Malek al-mot (Angel of death)
ashabe kahf, ashabe raghim ——> immortality

(ajayebe khasf)
ecological disasters
——> page 150, Haman story, fire not burning Haman’s heart, an example that God has no special privilege, is not located in addition to or beyond other beings

(Mehran Rad)
andakhtan ——> andaze ——> hendese ——> mohandes =/= engineer (in English from engine)
andakhtan: to throw two things close to each other (two lovers in the bed)
=/= manjenigh ~ mechanic [two different ontologies of geometry]

(ajayebe mardom)
look at the word ‘mardom’ in Shahname and how it (dis)articles div, animal, demon, dad, janevar, etc.
‘mardom o janevar’ (——> Shahname)

(ajayebe donya)
wonders of earth(?) ——> ghul (غول), serial killer, house full of bones (horror story)
(after donya/earth [دنیا] comes immediately, ghiamat [قیامت])
donya (دنیا): the temporal world (~=? cthulhu) (-?-> material-semiotic time-space of chthulucene)
-search ‘donya’ and its semiotic network in Ferdosi and others

(ajayebe chah)
wonders of pits ——> wonders of moon (Ibn Moghafa, bringing a moon out of a pit)