*exchange can only be achieved when there is “a continous reprisal of translations and betrayals of meaning* ==> understanding itself is compromised
[*]bestiary (ajayeb al makhlughat): a non-stop betrayal of translations (of perspectives) and continuous redressal of meanings (of things)

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ajayeb: synthesized Greek philosophy + Qur’anic thought + popular material body belief ——Sina——> to figure a transhistorical assemblage (that is untimely =/= eternal =/= historical) ==> encounter the myth anew =/= demystification: re-conquer the myth

(عجایب المخلوقات / عجایب نامه) [*]ajayeb: a once percepted thing on the threshold of sense in the prisma of social poesis producing a cartography of what might be happening in a world as an object of composition

in ‘ajayeb bestiary:
—— what are the figures of finitude, destruction, astralized hearing, enactments of generation, the figures that take action, take heart?
—— what are the chthonic entities? {the finite complex material systems that can break down =/= stories that personify (Mother Earth) are *misplaced concreteness*. [(i am against) personified =/= figurative (which i love. figures can be tentacular, patterns, processes, stories.)]}
—— what are the gorgeous, luring, dangerous precarities (of the terra)?
—— what are (its specific) art science worldings?

workflow on ‘ajayeb bestiary:
1- tracing social connections (for which subjects is this useful? which ecology of practices?)
2- making equipment list (materials and methods, an expanded and complicated version of equipment-list, providing accounts of the material-discursive apparatuses that are materializing my empirical objects, =/= exercise in representation or audit hesab-rasi حساب رسی)
3- narrating the relation (re-materializing my found empirical objects, re-enacting the objects)

ajayeb bestiary:
—— archaeological anthropology of human-animal practices
—— a host of material-discursive forces
—— writing technologies of the 12th century Iran
[ajayeb: (part of the histories of)] systematic, empirical investigation of strange events, singularities, miracles, and other types of staple phenomena ~~——> scientific method and the forms of knowledge that emerged as the foundation of an ensemble of *sciences proper to humans* ——> yet has been unable to expel (the unprovable forces) considering the origins and forms of human diversity

[*]ajayeb bestiary science (using Canguilhem’s words): the work of a humanity rooted in life before being enlightened by knowledge, (if) it is a fact in the world at the same time as *a vision of the world* ==> it sustains a permanent and necessary relation with perception [——> Barad] & “a living being is not reducible to a meeting point of influences” [——> Kenney]

(corrupt or) *bad animal* <== damaged relations / nature suddenly gone unfamiliar
[monster: bodies tumbled into bodies Tsing]
<== existential cultural atrophy + social entropy (destabilizing effects of non-meaning)

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cybernetic teratology

corrupt animal ~= wonders of bad symbioses, trans-species precarious entanglements across bodies (that are not always even constructive, and can be ugly) [=/= Cinderella: who doesn’t experience atrophy after insult upon insult]

(an ecological) monstrous consciousness

Marx is his interest in the oppressed, that is, his anti-Aristotelianism that allows us to conceptualize the self-organizing power of “matter” without the “meaning” that should overcode it.

DeLanda: The political economy of Marx is entirely a priori.

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