part of the techno-fantasy (since 19th century)
1- techno-monster ——> tragic consciousness [self-realizing itself ~= 2nd-birthing to something ‘more’ and ‘other’]; everything is code to be cracked; techne =/= episteme ——> (Ihde: ) *instrumental transparency* (= denial dependency)
2- Frankensteinian ——> technology is that no one is or can stay behind the wheel
3- Ghost in the Shell ——> fantasy of leaving the body behind + desire for perfect knowledge

techne =/= episteme”: technology or tool is thought apart from (has an alterity relation) its context of involvement & referentiality

The div Akvan, coming from Akoman and Aka Manah, in Avestan relates more or less to “noxious thinking.” Divs are old and skillful ancient biotic entities with disagreeable characteristics. Their definition is yet open and subject to interpretation. But always disobedient to the sovereign’s project and abyssal in nature, divs promoted another kind of order, other than the old Gods. Their project was always to disillusionize the ideas of divine nondestruction and nontechnological purity. They are on the side of destruction, technology and death. Rostam eventually captures the great White-Div——Div-e Sepid (دیو سفید), a nasty metamorphosical sentient master in “unsympathetic magic” and an expert in the crafts of necromancy [ارتباط با مردگان ——> he works with form, apparition and spirit, “dead bodies,” his knowledge-cosmos includes textures of mineral assemblage and recrystallization, {#White Div once destroys the army of Kay Kavus by conjuring a dark storm of hail.}] his blood is eventually instrumentalized in bringing back the lost eye-sights and unearthing the captured ones.

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