it is the moderns quasi-subjects (person) who feel themselves to be **directly addressed,** (redressed and saved) ——> to exist
(what art suffers now, that i should directly address the modern subject, and other mode of subjectivity or other kinds of addressee and addressing is brutally criticized and irrelativized)
-(love’s type of address: ) addressed to us ==> make us exist ——> a person
(existing as person is the only way? no no no!) —— the emergence of persons is a local and historical phenomenon that we simply cannot extend to all collectives

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Mullah Sadra (ملاصدرا) revolutionized the metaphysics of being, in reversing the order of priority of essence (mahiat ماهیت). he gives priority to existence (vojud وجود): that means, it is the act and mode of existing that determine the nature of essence. the act of existing is in effect capable of multitude of degrees of intensification or of degradation.

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Mullah Sadra is the philosopher of metamorphoses and palingeneses (estehaleh-ha & rastakhiz-ha [استحاله ها و رستاخیزها])
*phenomenology of the act of existing*