the same beings that made the author of 'ajayeb speak, got my/our ancestors excited,

'ajayeb, ancestry, being, excitement, Latour, modesofexistence,

to get around two major *obstacles: (the prevailing notions of) Society and (especially of) Economy (=/=? modes of existence’s system of coordinates)

economy, existence, Latour, obstacle, society, system,

(how to extricate ourselves properly from the) notions of Nature, Matter, Object, and Subject

Latour, matter, nature, object, proper, subject,

it is the moderns quasi-subjects (person) who feel themselves to be **directly addressed,** (redressed and saved) ——> to exist
(what art suffers now, that i should directly address the modern subject, and other mode of subjectivity or other kinds of addressee and addressing is brutally criticized and irrelativized)
-(love’s type of address: ) addressed to us ==> make us exist ——> a person
(existing as person is the only way? no no no!) —— the emergence of persons is a local and historical phenomenon that we simply cannot extend to all collectives

existing, Latour, love, modern, modesofexistence, person, subjectivity,

the iconoclastic episode we are in now, which we must work to make it as short as possible

(to specify) dualisms that make it extraordinarily difficult to maintain ontological pluralism

*metamorphosis (a mode of existence first detected in psychogenesis?) what we encounter whenever we address the manner in which existents are transformed or transform in order to subsist (zist زیست)
-defined by a certain kind of continuity and obtained by a certain type of discontinuity
-‘metamorphosis’ is about crisis, possession, alienation,
-‘metamorphosis’ sharply contrasts *cure* (~= ritual)
-allowing for installing unconscious (states,) crush, posses, bewitch, kill,
-beings with specific properties that are invisible, changeable, powerful, favorable, unfavorable
-exploration of transformations
-cosmological especialities
-seniority and extension of metamorphosical beings (of elaborations carried out by all groups in ‘metamorphosis)

alienation, being, continuity, cosmology, crisis, cure, existence, kill, Latour, metamorphosis, modesofexistence, possession, property, transformation, witch,

that which addresses the “me”, the “ego” =/=? that which allows one to resist the forces of metamorphosis

(the aim is) deploying the network (of 'ajayeb)
it is about grasping 'ajayeb’s beings not as substances but as *trajectories*——and give them a more precise *direction.*

**other beings necessary for its existence**
(my personal/public question, what other beings are necessary for my existence? and therefor for your existence as well.) ——> the heterogeneity of the actors needed for the pursuit of any course of action

(specifications of the type of beings that the mode leaves in its wake)

what is important in working these modes what kinds of possibilities are “afforded” to the investigator, myself. what kind of actor am i?

we are seeking to redefine the paths of beings that are unique to 'ajayeb without giving them substance and without jumping immediately into transcendence. (using Latour words) [transcendence IS NEVER gradual, in the places i come from, it is always a shock, happening, a truth-event]
-each word (God, angel, jinn, fog, etc.) brought into its own network,
-what are contrasts and of category mistakes particular to each
-and their crossings——and what is the vocabulary specific to each crossing

'ajayeb, angel, being, category, crossing, God, jinn, Latour, shock, transcendence, truth,

explanatory rage (tavahoshe roshangari توحش روشنگری) —✕—> networks necessary for religious meaning

the network of associations necessary for the exercise of religion without bracketing off its ontological requirements.

نسبت دادن attribution =/= explanation (behavior assigned to its cause) =/= inference (quality/attribute assigned to the agent’s observed behavior)
-can we do without *explanatory style*? (a person’s causal dimensions of stability and globality) ——> past dealing (optimism, pessimism, etc.)
-can we do without *locus of control*? (a person’s locus conceptualized as internal) ——> future dealing (fate, hope, etc.)

'ajayeb is a ‘network’ more than anything else, in it “God” has no special privilege, is not located in addition to or beyond other beings

(to distinguish types of)
incompatible truths

“truth”——is the expression of an encounter with forms of existence

to understand the others in the absence of a description of ourselves
(what is realistic?)

to direct attention towards the beings about which humans are interrogating themselves

description, enounter, existence, form, incompatibility, Latour, modesofexistence, Other, real, truth,