there are many parasites (fires, jinns, demons, stones, shadows, waters), not only many meanings of parasite (fires, jinns, demons, stones, shadows, waters)

catastrophe, collapse, crisis, crossing, evidence, integration, jinn, parasite, property, selfpreservation, social, unknowing, witnessing,

how parasite means?

[how?] parasite can bring our conceptual life along with it from local to global concerns (about hospitality, social integration, exclusion, Other, etc.)

how to go beyond qualities (or agentive capacities) of parasite that express some timeless properties?

*metamorphosis (a mode of existence first detected in psychogenesis?) what we encounter whenever we address the manner in which existents are transformed or transform in order to subsist (zist زیست)
-defined by a certain kind of continuity and obtained by a certain type of discontinuity
-‘metamorphosis’ is about crisis, possession, alienation,
-‘metamorphosis’ sharply contrasts *cure* (~= ritual)
-allowing for installing unconscious (states,) crush, posses, bewitch, kill,
-beings with specific properties that are invisible, changeable, powerful, favorable, unfavorable
-exploration of transformations
-cosmological especialities
-seniority and extension of metamorphosical beings (of elaborations carried out by all groups in ‘metamorphosis)

alienation, being, continuity, cosmology, crisis, cure, existence, kill, Latour, metamorphosis, modesofexistence, possession, property, transformation, witch,

that which addresses the “me”, the “ego” =/=? that which allows one to resist the forces of metamorphosis