there are many parasites (fires, jinns, demons, stones, shadows, waters), not only many meanings of parasite (fires, jinns, demons, stones, shadows, waters)

catastrophe, collapse, crisis, crossing, evidence, integration, jinn, parasite, property, selfpreservation, social, unknowing, witnessing,

how parasite means?

[how?] parasite can bring our conceptual life along with it from local to global concerns (about hospitality, social integration, exclusion, Other, etc.)

how to go beyond qualities (or agentive capacities) of parasite that express some timeless properties?

we are seeking to redefine the paths of beings that are unique to 'ajayeb without giving them substance and without jumping immediately into transcendence. (using Latour words) [transcendence IS NEVER gradual, in the places i come from, it is always a shock, happening, a truth-event]
-each word (God, angel, jinn, fog, etc.) brought into its own network,
-what are contrasts and of category mistakes particular to each
-and their crossings——and what is the vocabulary specific to each crossing

'ajayeb, angel, being, category, crossing, God, jinn, Latour, shock, transcendence, truth,

explanatory rage (tavahoshe roshangari توحش روشنگری) —✕—> networks necessary for religious meaning

the network of associations necessary for the exercise of religion without bracketing off its ontological requirements.

نسبت دادن attribution =/= explanation (behavior assigned to its cause) =/= inference (quality/attribute assigned to the agent’s observed behavior)
-can we do without *explanatory style*? (a person’s causal dimensions of stability and globality) ——> past dealing (optimism, pessimism, etc.)
-can we do without *locus of control*? (a person’s locus conceptualized as internal) ——> future dealing (fate, hope, etc.)